U.S. Census Bureau Releases Update to COVID-19 Interactive Data Hub TIP SHEET: CB20-TPS.23 MAY 15, 2020 —The Census Bureau has released an updated version of the interactive data hub on its COVID-19 resource page. The resource page is designed to help federal agencies, businesses and communities make decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Version 1.2 of the interactive data hub includes: Improved search and navigation functions for impact reports Additional variables for: Nonemployer Statistics impact report Puerto Rico impact report Language Spoken at Home impact report Race and ethnicity Population and poverty status New policy maps for: Nonemployer statistics Language spoken at home Improved search by data category: Additional open data services  Data user resources: What’s new/coming soon Frequently asked questions Downloadable flyer/one-pager The Census Bureau provides access to this and all of its resources in support of the coronavirus response effort at <www.census.gov/coronavirus>.
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