International Trade Numbers Updated for November 2019

I’ve updated the chart with the International trade deficit, imports and exports for November 2019.

I have also have cleaned up charts for the people running for office in 2020.

2020 Election

The 2020 election is one that is critical to all of us in the United States.  There are 11 governorships and 36 senate seats that will be decided with the 2020 election.  I have accumulated by state, the unemployment statistics for all those running for Governor or U.S. Senate or not running for re-election.  The charts are on the State Unemployment page with links to a larger version.  (Please remember that unemployment numbers are down for the majority of those running for re-election making the numbers fairly insignificant.  The real indicator as to how well they’ve done is the comparison to the national percentage average.)

Municipality Charts Added to Many State Unemployment Pages

I’ve added several unemployment charts for municipalities on their corresponding state unemployment pages. A list of the municipalities can be found on the home page and the Municipalities page.

If you would like to see more, let me know which ones you would like to see added.

Website Tour Guide PDF

I’ve added a website tour guide document to the home page to help you explore the many pages of the website.

New Unemployed Numbers by State for Disabled and Not Disabled on the Annualized Tables

I’ve added and clarified my state unemployment statistics on each state unemployment page. I’ve added estimated numbers of disabled and not disabled people as well as identified my unemployment percentages for the two groups to be estimated.

I have to estimate these numbers because the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep these numbers.

To get my estimates I take the monthly national disabled and not disabled unemployment numbers and rates and factor them by the monthly total state unemployment numbers and rates.

I will continue to do this until I get a more accurate source.

So How’s Those Tariffs Working For Ya???

The nation’s international trade deficit in goods and services decreased to $55.2 billion in August from $55.3 billion in July (revised).

Exports increased to $207.9 billion in August from $207.4 billion in July. Imports increased to $261.4 billion in June from $262.8 billion in July.

U. S. International Trade

Find the full release at the Census Bureau website. Contact us at or 1-800-549-0595 Option 4, with any questions.

Labor Force Increase Creates an Increase in the Unemployment

The labor force increased by over a half million people in June.  The number of people who have been unemployed 5 weeks or less increased by approximately 1 million.

Census Bureau Has Disabled Populations by State – 2008-2016

I found some tables on the Census Bureau site that have a lot of information that could be useful in calculating disable unemployed by state on a monthly basis.  There are some things I’m not quite clear on and will try to better understand the data before I attempt to use it.

Links That Are Based On Words Don’t Stand Out

I’m not sure why but the links I have on the pages don’t show a different color or anything that makes you realize that they are links.  The only thing is that when you pass over them with your cursor, the finger appears.

Let’s Get Political!!!

Remember, at the top of each state specific page (both unemployment and fun facts),”‘state name’ State Government” will give you a list of contact points for the Governor/Mayor, State Senators and Federal Representatives in Congress.

I would have one at the national level, but I felt that with all of the firings and resignations in the cabinet and other top level federal positions, I would have to hire someone full-time to keep up with the changes.