Florida State Government


Florida taps into its Spanish roots by referencing Pascua florida, meaning flowering Easter, as Spanish explorers found the lush area during the holiday season. There’s also a tie to the Latin word floridus, meaning strikingly beautiful.

Capital: Tallahassee

Largest Cities: Cape Canaveral, Gainesville. Hialeah, Hollywood, Jacksonville, John F. Kennedy Space Center, Miami, Pennsacola, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, SarasotaTampa

Present Constitution Drafted: 1969

Entered Union: March 3, 1845 (27)

Motto: “In God We Trust”

State Flower: Orange Blossom

State Tree: Sabal Palmetto Pine

State Bird: Mockingbird

State Dog: Not Specified

State Insect: Not Specified

State Song: “Old Folks at Home”

Nickname: Sunshine State