State Unemployment

Note: Each ‘State’ Unemployment page has the following:

  • State Annualized Unemployment Changes chart
  • State Annualized Average Monthly Unemployment Changes chart
  • State Metropolitan and Micropolitan maps from 2010
  • State Unemployment by Governor chart
  • State Unemployment Rates since June 2008 chart
  • Link to State site for Assistance in Hiring Disabled People
  • Link to State site for Disabled Resources
  • Link to State site for Jobs
  • Link to State site for Veterans
  • Table with current year unemployment stats
  • Table with annualized unemployment stats
  • Table with current year metropolitan unemployment stats

Election 2020

The 2020 election is one that is critical to all of us in the United States.  There are 11 governorships and 36 senate seats that will be decided with the 2020 election.  I have accumulated by state, the unemployment statistics for all those running for Governor or U.S. Senate or not running for re-election.  The charts are below with links to a larger version.  (Please remember that unemployment numbers are down for the majority of those running for re-election making the numbers fairly insignificant.  The real indicator as to how well they’ve done is the comparison to the national percentage average.)

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